Are you wondering how to help people who have lost so much from the Hurricanes?
What if you could help by spending the morning with family and friends in beautiful Hermosa Beach?
That is what you call a win-win!
See you there! – FUNISM

Thank You to all our Partners:

17th Street Mural House, Paul Roustan Body Paint, Annie Seawright/HB Run Club, KP FUNISM/Artist-Youth Coordinator,Ryan Bozsan/Web designer, City of Hermosa Beach, Hermosa Five-O, Beach Cities Health District, Pat Escalante Superintendent of the Hermosa Beach School District, Girl Scouts, Bay Cities Box Company, Jol Design Inc, The Hermosa Friends Foundation, MercuryOne, The Hermosa Beach Chamber of Commerce and Visitors Bureau, Sunscreen Film Festival

In America we are 50 stars strong. Texas is not a lone star, neither is Florida, neither are you and neither am I. 

Please join us – We are stronger together to help those in need of Hurricane Relief in America.

Love, Betsy Ryan

Questions? Want to Partner?  Please Contact Betsy Ryan

Please include your name and direct contact phone number in your emails so that I can get back to you quickly.

After the Paddle-out On Oct 1 between 11 and 3

Restaurants with a “Not Alone Star” in their window will be donating 10% of their profits for Hurricane Aid.

The Hermosa Friends Foundation will collect the donations and forward them to MercuryOne for Hurricane Relief in America.

Hats Will Be Available For Donations

Granny’s Grocery 
635 Monterey Boulevard, Hermosa Beach, CA 90254

1505 Hermosa Ave, Hermosa Beach, CA 90254

The Not Alone Star Hurricane Aid Hat graphics designed by local body artist Paul Roustan and printed in Hermosa Beach at Jol Design Inc

Anyone who rents a board from TARZAN for this paddle out and mentions lone-star then, Tarzan will donate that money to the Hurricane Aid.

831 N. Harbor Drive
Redondo Beach, CA  90277
Mon – Sun: 8:00-6:00



We will be sending 1 box containing letters of Love and Support to be distributed to relief workers and those in need.

All notes of Love and support must be written on a 4 X 6 index card.
Write a note on the front of the index card and if you like, you may draw, paint or glue a photo of something beautiful or Hermosa on the back of the card.

Pat Escalante, superintendent of the Hermosa Beach School District  is looking forward to engaging with our students and writing these notes with them.

Love Letters are open to all residents.
The only qualification is that they be on a 4 X 6 card and be received by Friday, Sept 29th at noon.
Index Cards and drop boxes are available at:

1. The Hermosa Beach Community Center on Pier Avenue
2. The 17th Street Mural House West Corner of Hermosa Avenue and 17th Street. 95 17th Street.

Our Banner went up Monday, Sept 18th 🙂 

Pier Ave and Valley 

The Hermosa Beach Historical Society and Museum will be displaying the Not Alone Star Hurricane Aid Paddle-Out and morning at the Beach Drone Photo taken on Sunday, October 1st  in our HBHS Museum! We want you in that photo!

Thank you to Lisa Jacobs and Michael Hixon at the Beach Reporter for this article.

Thank you to Kevin Cody and  Ryan McDonald at the Easy Reader for this article.

The Hermosa Beach Friends Foundation  is a local nonprofit 501c3.

They will be collecting all of the donations.

About Hermosa Friends Foundation

We strive to support charitable organizations within the communities in which our members live and play.

And we have a little fun while doing it!   Go To for more info.


Our Mission

To encourage philanthropy and support charitable causes and charities


Our Fundraising

We rely mostly on the generosity of our members who pay dues and give donations.


Our Events

We meet once per quarter to choose charities to support and celebrate life.


Who We Support

We support registered 501(c)(3) charities, local schools and college-bound students.


Where We Support

We support organizations in and around the South Bay and wherever our members are passionate.


Why We Support

We love our community and want to give back to those organizations that make it so great.

All of the money raised will go directly to Hurricane Relief.

Hermosa Friends Foundation will send the donations to MercuryOne, a nonprofit 501c3 charity in Dallas, Texas.

Go To for Info

Our donors and supporters have always been there in times of crisis – we know that with the devastation of Hurricane Harvey hitting our home state of Texas, you want to help. Mercury One will be collecting donations in response to the devastation wreaked by Mother Nature. Our partners are on the ground as we speak. We know that our donors and supporters appreciate that the money we collect can often times go much further because of our strong connection with partner organizations and our ability to use the money where it is needed the most. Below we highlight some of our partners’ responses – we are so thankful for their dedication to acting in times of crisis. Although we are fundraising for this disaster, we also invite you to donate directly to our partners if you see fit.

Operation BBQ has served over 335,000 meals in nine days. In a first for Operation BBQ, they sent 6,000 meals to Beaumont, which is underwater, via Blackhawk Helicopter. They are continuing to serve Houston and Victoria, but are looking for a way to get on the ground in Beaumont. Today, 9/8, they will start moving equipment to prepare to be in Florida.

Team Rubicon was able to serve as a guide to Mercury One earlier this week and helped the M1 team muck out a single mom’s home and that of a Navy Veteran and his wife. Teams are going door-to-door to assess needs. As of this week, Mercury One funded Team Rubicon’s deployment of 1500 “down and dirty volunteers” to Texas to assist with muck out and rebuilding. Visit their site to become a volunteer – open to military and civilians.

CitiIMPACT has deployed or queued up to go over $4,000,000 worth of Relief Aid products. We are pleased to report that they have touched 100,000+ families with our partner outreaches & distributions. They have distributed over 500,000 hot and pre-packaged meals. They are preparing 10 semis of relief supplies, 5 to Texas and 5 to Florida – the trucks include things like cleaning, hygiene, water, tools, masks, water filters, nonperishables, bleach, etc. They are currently staging in Palm Beach Gardens, Bradenton, and Miami.

Somebody Cares is serving over 15,000 hot meals per day in Rockport, Friendswood, and other locations around Houston and Victoria. They are coordinating a load of bulk medical supplies coming in to meet needs of children with the ongoing need for medical supplies and are directing medical professionals and doctors to serve in church make-shift clinics. They are developing a mobile response muck-out unit for situations like the family they’re working with now, who won’t leave their home because it is outfitted to care for their son who has muscular dystrophy. They are also preparing to provide relief and aid in Florida.  

Gleaning for the World has 15 more trailer loads ready to go this week and are already restocking for Irma. In transit now includes: additional water, baby products and personal care items and kits, and shipping supplies.  

The Provisions Project, through funded partners, has rescued close to 8,000 people in Winne Dickinson, Carl, Morrisville, Deweyville, Beaumont, and Port Arthur. They also have search and rescue partners on standby for Hurricane Irma. Three truckloads of supplies (nonperishables, bottled water, diapers, pet care items, personal care items, baby formula, MREs, and Gatorade) were moved to 3 separate locations in Texas on Sunday.